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The Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Herodion or wrongly) are ancient (Roman) conservatory located

on the southwest slope of the Acropolis in Athens. Built so quickly at the expense of Herodes Atticus in the 2nd century AD in honor of his wife, Aspasia Annia Rigillis, who died in 160 (AD). The destination of the edifice was primarily musical events and for this reason was called Odeon. The need for its construction came after the collapse of the conservatory which was built in the center of the ancient agora of Athens from quarterback August Agrippa around 15 BC, and that replacing even older Odeon of Pericles had set fire Sulla in 85 BC. The space intended for the public, had 32 rows of marble stands and its capacity was about 5,000 spectators. As in the theaters of the Roman era, the orchestra had a semicircular shape. The stage building was elevated to the depth of the scene and had three floors, two of which survive to this day to a height of 28 meters. The conservatory was roofed with wooden roof. From various indications that this only worked Conservatory 105 years since the 3rd century ie 267 many buildings in Athens as it destroyed by the invaders Herulians. Also during this period the various findings of the excavations as human skulls and bulls speculated that the site was used for gladiatorial contests and bullfights. It seems though that the walls of the building were used (later) as a defensive work, as part of the wall that surrounded the base of the Acropolis hill. Apart from the ruins hutches found inside the Conservatory and found ruins of a small church. In the middle of the scene, and exactly opposite the so-called "Kingdom Portal" basement discovered that extends throughout the length of the area of the scene.

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